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The State of the Screen, Summer ’11

In Film and Related on August 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Since the ostensible purpose I started writing this blog for was to talk about film and related topics, and it’s been co-opted in large measure by events of the day, as demonstrated by the categories “It Bugs Me” and “Think About It”, it seems fitting that I get back to the original point of this blog.

In that spirit, let’s examine the state of the movie box office for 2011, at least to this point.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, the eighth film in a seven book series, was the box office champion on its opening weekend, taking the title of highest grossing opening away from the previous winner, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.   The following weekend, Captain America: The First Avenger knocked the Potter movie out of the top spot, but it still topped the $1 billion mark in box office.

One billion dollars.

That’s one helluva lot of money.

Of the others out there since the new year began, none have been striking the public fancy other than The Hangover, Part 2, and, to an extent, Crazy Stupid Love.

There are a few things I’ve heard about that may – I repeat, MAY – be promising, but, the way things go, as I’ve seen, I decline to hold out hope.

So, I will keep my eyes open, and say what I see.  Keep watching the skies! (to steal a line from the 1950’s)

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