Alexander Film Works

Movies… why do I love them so?

Bricklin gull-wing sports car


About as close as I could get to a DeLorean at the Woodward Dream Cruise…

My fascination with movies, I think, is rooted in my fascination with story… I was reading very young, and I am told I was quite precocious.

Books were soon supplemented with comic books, and television, especially those old movies on TV in the early 1960’s.

The Seal of the Comics Code Authority

For almost fifty years, this seal was on virtually every comic sold.

When I learned from my Uncle Harold, who was my godfather, that people actually made movies, and that the cameras were available (he had one), my fate was sealed, so to speak.

I got a camera, projector, and screen set from Bell & Howell in the late 1960’s for my birthday or Christmas (could have been for both, since there’s only a nine day spread between the two), and I began experimenting, with the requisite sucky results.

Let us (mercifully) fast forward a few decades, where we find me finally getting my bachelor’s degree in film from university, and trying to establish some sort of cred to help me get somewhat ahead in the business.

I still have my roots in the celluloid-based process, and can still cut A and B roll, manually sync on a two or four gang synchronizer with geared rewinds, and make a decent cement splice.  I also have experience in digital cinema, doing visual effects in After Effects or Apple Motion, NLE (non-linear editing) software, and many of the other hallmarks of today’s scene.

So where does this leave me?  Right in the middle, at the intersection of past and future, as I gauge it.  Not always comfortable, but where I need to be, apparently.

Come along for the ride…

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