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Seasonal Disorders…

In Think About It on August 3, 2011 at 2:55 pm

The calendar says it’s the third of August.

We’re supposed to be in the last half of summer, winding down to Labor Day, and the beginning of the new school term.

As it is, we’re just coming off the hottest July on record, with several inches of rain occurring in only five days in the month.  Michigan got hit badly again.

And we’re not the only ones… it’s sad when the state of Texas is actually looking forward to a tropical storm to alleviate a drought.  It’s also not good when southern Arizona (around Tucson) is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for weeks at a time.

Hurricanes and tropical storms riding up the East Coast, Icelandic volcanoes spouting off again, Pacific rim earthquakes and tsunamis, and disruptions in what we see as the “normal” order of things across the globe.  There are those who say that Doomsday Is At Hand… like that preacher who claimed it back in the spring, and was dumbfounded when it didn’t happen.

I think that things are just getting weird again after a few centuries (or even millennia) of relative quiet.  It’s as reasonable an explanation as any I’ve heard.  (And since the explanations I’ve heard range from God being bored to the return of Ancient Astronauts in the near term, you can see where I think it fits.)

I’m just not enamored of being one of the test subjects of these hypotheses.

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