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“Entertainment” Media…

In activity, It Bugs Me, Just Because..., no excuses on June 6, 2013 at 9:03 pm

From that particular wrinkle in the space-time continuum I like to call home, it’s another blog…
The latest thing on the “entertainment news” shows is following show business pregnancies. Seriously, folks… How many times can I look at Kim Kartrashian’s spawning without becoming physically ill?
{Just so you know: All photos in this entry were obtained through Google searches. I don’t own them, nor do I claim any copyright in them. I only intend their use for illustrative purposes under the “Fair Use” section of the copyright laws.}


Michael Douglas (and his publicists) are backpedaling furiously about his recent interview with the uk’s guardian about his throat cancer, and the alleged fact (I, at least, have no proof) that his cancer’s cause was human papilloma virus, or HPV. True enough was the statement that HPV-caused oral cancers are likely a result of oral sex. Whether or not that means that Michael had oral sex, and, if so, with whom, remains shrouded in mystery.


Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, has been splashed all over the media world for allegedly swallowing pills and cutting her wrist. The speculation is running rampant about how she is bullied at school, which already has a reputation for that sort of thing anyway, and how this is a “cry for help”…
Be honest, now, have you ever met a sixteen year old girl who hasn’t thought about killing herself, even if she didn’t have the want-to to try it? Let’s wake up and smell the reality, people… Money doesn’t make your life – or you – perfect. You just have to deal with it as it comes.
Paris Jackson
Look, she lost her father at the age of eleven. That’s a bad age for any girl. Now she’s in court, testifying in a family lawsuit about fixing blame – and allocating money – for that death, which is still being splashed all over the mediaverse. If her name were Paris Bouchard, and her father was nobody famous (like me), this deal wouldn’t be all over every channel, web site, or blog (like mine).
Leave the girl alone. Let her get help. Shut the up!
Meanwhile, the remaining Jackson siblings, Tito, Marlon, Larry, and Curly, recently began a tour in Morocco… where, apparently, people still are willing to pay good money to see an act whose main attraction has been dead for some time.
I was trying to come up with a joke for this, but the event is enough of a joke in itself that I couldn’t top it.
Just goes to show ya…
About the only good thing about not having cable TV is missing all these so-called “reality shows”; after all, who cares which beefcake vacuum-brain this new “bachelorette” picks? Does anyone really care about the “Real Housewives of Pacoima”? Does it matter who survives “Survivor”? And have “American I’m Dull” and “The Voiceless” finally worn out their welcome?
Yes, I’ll even go off on my favorite show, “Dancing With The Stars”… the past couple of seasons, it’s been more like “Dancing With The Supporting Players”. Len Goodman, the chief judge, must be getting plenty as a newlywed, because he’s in a much better mood; Bruno Tonioli is less comprehensible than ever when he gets excited, which is quite often, and Carrie Ann Inaba needs to get a new boyfriend, I think. Tom Bergeron keeps hosting almost everything on television, splitting it with Neil Patrick Harris, and Brooke Burke Charvet still looks damn good, despite thyroid cancer.
Did I mention how I miss Maks?
Maksim Chmerkovskiy-SGG-070350
And, while I’m at it, let me just say a few words (as few as possible, actually) about Donald Trump and “The Apprentice”.
Move away from the camera, Mr. Trump. Keep your hairpiece where we can see it. You have the right to remain silent… and we dearly wish you would.
By the way… I’m just curious. What exactly is a “Disney Star”? As in, “Disney star Zendaya”, or “Disney Star Raven”… Is there a difference of some sort from being a “Disney star” and being a regular “star”?
That’s about all I have to rant about now, I guess. I’m reasonably sure something else will be using a belt sander on my hemorrhoids soon, so stay close!

What We See, What We Hear

In Roughly About Films on January 17, 2012 at 2:47 pm

This being the start of a new category for this blog, “Roughly About Film”, I’ll be discussing several things that have at least a peripheral connection with film and filmmaking.

How close I come is up to you to judge.

This term, hopefully my last at Wayne State University, is focused on my “capstone” class, Techniques of Film and Video Production.  We get to work on three fifteen-minute (or so) videos shot by the class on the Communications Department’s spanking new Canon 5D DSLR cameras.  These units are supposed to be the “cutting edge” units used in the “real world” today.

I’ve got my quibbles about this, but that’s not relevant to the class itself.

We are supposed to be using Redrock Micro 35mm lens adapters, which give a more “cinematic” shallow depth of field, allowing rack focusing, image highlighting by focus (or lack thereof), and a more cinematic “feel” to the finished footage.

I think that if you want your finished footage to look “cinematic”, you should shoot with a film camera.  Because of the expense, the difficulty of getting quick processing of film nowadays, and, well, the expense, this is not being done.

Go figure…

If it were up to me (and you can bet your tochis it’s not), someone who owned their own equipment could use it to shoot whatever they were going to shoot for the class.  I mean, if you’re comfortable with the equipment, you’re going to use it well, right?  You can get more out of it than you can with something you don’t know much about.

Well, that’s enough about that… on to something a little more pleasant.


The silent film The Artist won three awards at the Golden Globes… which was a surprise, and a pleasure.  Jean Dujardin, the lead, won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy,  the musical score by Ludovic Bource won in that category, and the  picture itself won Best Picture, Musical or Comedy.

A black and white silent picture winning awards in the early years of the Twenty-First Century is a remarkable achievement, especially since these pictures haven’t been made since the early days of the Twentieth Century.

Something to think about, n’est-ce pas?


There’s been a great deal of talk that I’ve read of in the trade press that I can get; the word is flying about that “FILM IS DEAD”.  The three biggest manufacturers of motion picture cameras are producing no more new models; Panavision, Aaton, and Arri have confirmed they stopped producing new film cameras.

I’m morally certain, however, that the Russian factories that produced the inexpensive 16mm and 35mm cameras one might still find on eBay are still in operation.  It wouldn’t be like those budding capitalists to abandon a niche market like that.

I’d have to put more research into it, though.

Sometime again, friends!

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