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The Bleeding Edge (And Why I Don’t Live There)

In It Bugs Me on May 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Let’s talk about the newest, and the best, and the stuff that all the technogeeks slaver over…

And why you’ll not see me using it.

Most of the things I use are already “burned in”, and have the initial bugs worked out.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with spontaneous flameouts with something so new that all the documentation isn’t written yet.  The biggest problem with the new, the latest, and the unproven as far as I’m concerned is the rabid slavering of those who have to have that new, that latest thing.

I just don’t get that… I used an old Underwood upright typewriter when I was young, and was quite happy to do so; I moved up to an electric typer only when the Underwood couldn’t be coaxed into service any more.  It took me three years to go from MS-DOS 3.3 to MS-DOS 6.1, and about the same length of time to go to Windows 95.

I have some computers that still run Win95; a couple that run Win98, and some that still do WinXP. (I never bothered with Windows 2000 or WinME.)  This unit I write on now runs Vista, and my wife Megan’s laptop uses Windows 7.  Why?  Because that’s what they came with.

I don’t care much for these automatic “force you to upgrade” programs that don’t give you a choice which version of a program you want to use… I live with them because I must.

Maybe I am missing out on progress, on being the first with the newest, and possibly the best… What I know is my nerves are much more settled, and I have fewer worries on that score.

My two drachmas worth; your mileage may vary.

Al B.

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