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Je me souviens…

In blogging, It Bugs Me, Just Because... on December 19, 2014 at 9:26 pm

It means, in case you’re interested, “I remember”…

The 13th of December was the 51st anniversary of the death of my grandmere.  She passed in her sleep, and I was the one who found her.  It was three days before my seventh birthday.

The 9th of December was my late mother-in-law’s 92nd birthday.  Since my wife and I married, just over 31 years ago, her mother had designated me her “bonus boy” – the child who was hers, but she didn’t give birth to.

Can’t argue with that.

The 19th of December was my wife’s baby brother’s birthday.  He would have been 54.  (He was killed before he was 17 in a particularly senseless auto accident.)

It’s been 40 years this year since I graduated high school in Baltimore.  This year, the fiftieth graduating class made it through.  An achievement to remember…

Memories, bitter, sweet, and bittersweet, all mixed together…

Something.  I don’t really have the words for it… yet.

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