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In arts, Just Because..., Think About It on November 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm

It seems to me a sign of the impending Apocalypse that, while one person goes through drastic, frantic, almost unthinkable procedures to fight a cancer that seems to be entrenching for the long haul, another person makes herself ill, gets admitted to hospital to get attention, get waited on, and to get opiates that she doesn’t want to admit she’s addicted to.

This second person is of the mindset that she should feel absolutely NO pain whatsoever. What I know from experience is this… the only time you feel no pain is when you’re dead.

The ironic part? Both these people are longtime friends of ours.

Go figure.


There are times when I wonder if the creativity I have apparently been gifted with — I am not the best judge of this — should be classified as a blessing or a curse.

I have many interests… I do many things at a journeyman level of proficiency, at least. But is the creative bent of my mind a hindrance to sustained effort in any one discipline? As an example… I begin to write an essay, or a story, or a screenplay, or something. Something else catches my attention, and I lay down the initial piece I’m working on, and start work on the new thing… this happens again and again, leaving a stack of partially completed work in its wake.

I own tools and supplies to support many of my multiple disciplines, such as drawing, photography, film, building models, visual effects… The list goes on.

Is this grasshopper-like behavior, hopping about from one project to another, the unleashing of creativity? Is it a sign of a character flaw? Or, perhaps, is it an indication of a basic personality disturbance that goes deeper than has been thought?

I couldn’t say… I may be too close to the matter to see it clearly.

Then again, I may just be mistaken about the whole thing.


I just watched a bargain bin DVD last night – Nine. It’s a musical adaptation of Federico Fellini’s from 1963.

The singing, the dancing, the bevy of beautiful women, the crisis of confidence of a successful Italian film director, played here by Daniel Day-Lewis (Shades of Abraham Lincoln!), modeled on the original portrayal by Marcello Mastroianni.

Whipping between reality, fantasy, and some never-never land in between the two, the director struggles to find his way, his inspiration, his muse, his bearings, his soul, and his next film.

Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, Fergie, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren… the above-the-line women are beautiful, and are photographed that way as well. The rapid, close cutting between black and white and color helps to both heighten and blur the distinctions between reality (Rome, its environs, and Cinecitta Studios, a city unto itself, surrounded by the ancient yet bustling urbs Romanae) and fantasy.

This sort of movie is not for everyone… But if a look into the tortured, wildly spinning mind of a Fellini-esque filmmaker is what you’re looking for, then find this movie and see it.



I shouldn’t wonder why more people aren’t creative… it’s a wonder to me that there are any creative people left in the world at all.

The entire societal system we’ve built up, from the peer pressure to the educational system, seems to me to be designed to stifle, blunt, and eradicate creativity. The homogenization of society, stigmatizing intelligence and creativity by “ghettoizing” them, the same way it stigmatizes cognitive disabilities, among others.

This is not a viable option for the advancement, or even the stabilization, of society.


I started writing this near the end of September, and here it is, the beginning of November already. Where the hell did October go?

Until sometime again, then…

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