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The Seventh Month…

In blogging, It Bugs Me, Just Because... on July 25, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Many people have a “least favorite month”. I can’t say I do, but the month of July is not my most favorite one.

July starts out with promise… the 4th of July is a glorious celebration of the birthday of our country – which we would much more happily celebrate if the temperature and heat index would be out of the triple digits.

The 14th of July, in addition to being Bastille Day, is the anniversary of the death of my namesake uncle in the Korean War. (This year marked the 60th anniversary of his death.) And Kim Jong Un, the “supreme leader” of North Korea, has allowed a few Western journalists in to witness North Korea’s celebration of what they call “Victory Day”, the 27th of July. (This also is the 60th anniversary of that day, the enactment of the Treaty of Panmunjom.)
My mother-in-law, who was more of a mother to me than my own mother, died in July three years ago. My Uncle George, who raised me, died in July back in 2001. (At least he didn’t live to see the World Trade Center towers fall, the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, and the assaults on our civil liberties and civil rights by the government.)
And, to top it off, the 28th of July this year is the 25th anniversary of the injury that changed my life, and, by extension, the lives of everyone I love, when I was working for the Post Awful.
I have lived with pain every day since then, from the nerve damage in my knee, from my back, from my neck, and from the other injuries I’ve sustained because my knee wouldn’t hold up the way I needed it to.
And yet, despite it all, I continue to continue… as was said in The Outlaw Josey Wales, I “endeavored to persevere”.
Such are the ways of things.

  1. Keep your head up and stay positive:)

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