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Care & Cleaning of Equipment Day…

In activity, blogging, It Bugs Me on May 27, 2013 at 3:17 pm

My Uncle George, who raised me, referred to days when the weather was miserable and/or the body was unwilling to comply with any requests from the brain as “care and cleaning of equipment days”. This was a holdover from his days in the Army in the Second World War.
Those types of days were (and still are) low energy, high pain index, and zero visibility brain fog days… much like today.
I woke up around 0830 with pain in all my “bad” joints, the beginnings of a cluster headache, and about as much energy as a twenty-year-old car battery. I took care of the immediate necessaries, and, with the advice and consent of My Beautiful Wife, I went back to bed.
I finally got up and moving about 1330 hours. I hadn’t had anything to eat until just now, when I had something light. (My stomach wouldn’t hear of anything else.)
This is becoming a balancing act between forcing myself to stay out of bed (and nursing the aches, pains, and popping/snapping/grinding noises that come from moving around slightly) and giving in, going back to bed, and conceding the entire Memorial Day as a total loss with no insurance.
It’s a near thing, either way.

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