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We Are Not Amused…

In Think About It on November 27, 2012 at 8:45 pm

A few days ago, while unloading boxes from an upstairs closet that hasn’t been accessible for a few years, I twisted wrong, and something in the outboard side of my knee went “POP”!  Doctor yesterday diagnosed it as a tear in the cartilage and meniscus inside the joint, possibly contributed to by the arthritis already in the knee, and by the fact that this is the very same knee I screwed up a nerve in twenty-four years ago while working at the post office.

Doctor’s recommendations:  keep off the knee as much as I can for three or four days, and I should be okay to play Santa Claus for the battalion at the National Guard Armory next Sunday.

This is good; my Beautiful Wife and I enjoy playing Santa and Mrs. C at the Armory.

The main problem with this course of action is what it’s going to do to the prep work we need to do, as well as the cleaning that needs to be done around the house.

Since there’s not a bleeding lot I can do about it, I have to just deal with what is.

There’s nothing that says I have to like it, though.

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