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Dramatis Personae

In Just Because... on April 7, 2012 at 8:35 pm

The cast of characters so far (in order of appearance):

ME – Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway, and quick to reach for the pain relievers.

MY DEARLY BELOVED WIFE – Surely earning her place in whatever heaven there may be for putting up with me.

GABBY – more formally known as Gabrielle Velvet, informally known as Kitty Putty, Purr Bucket, Stinker, or Hey You.

THE KID – Our “child of the heart”, a former foster daughter who decided to stick around to see what happens.

I bought a button a long time ago, and it fits better even now – “Don’t try to out-weird me… I get stranger things than you free in my breakfast cereal.”

I do many things, including write, shoot photos, shoot video, draw, and edit.  I published a “fanzine” (a small-press science fiction fan magazine) for a number of years, and some copies are still available online at (look for “Al Bouchard” under authors, and the two titles are scopus:3007 and Lightning Round, available in PDF versions.)

One of these years I’ll post some of my previous attempts at making a web-based comic (No, Brock Heasley, you’re in no danger.)


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