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The Continuing Fight Against Murphy’s Law…

In Just Because..., Roughly About Films on March 23, 2012 at 5:04 pm

…Otherwise known as filmmaking.

We (my team and I, the assistant director) did a shoot last weekend for our “capstone project”, the major project of our capstone class, written and directed by our team leader, Caleb.  (The reason he’s the director is his project was chosen in the class voting, and the writer of a winning project directs his/her script.)  We also are due to shoot this upcoming weekend (tomorrow and Sunday).

One description of the roles of Caleb and I went as follows:  Caleb is the man with the “big picture”, the overriding artistic vision.  I’m the one standing behind him with a whip and an axe, delegated to get things going and to keep them going in the necessary direction.

Maintaining focus is something that has to be done in order to work efficiently and effectively.  Since I have some short-circuiting in my neural net (also known as ADD), this can be a problem for me.  The answer I’ve found is to double down on the active part of the concentration… however hard that might be.

And it can be hard… trust me.

I’ll have more to say after we shoot this weekend… be here.  Aloha.

(Cheesy Jack Lord voice optional.)

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