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Other Things I’ve Done…

In Just Because..., Roughly About Films on March 17, 2012 at 8:03 pm

… and maybe regretted.

There are some things, for those of you who’ve joined this blog in progress, that you might not know.  (For that matter, some who’ve been with me from the beginning may not know some of these things.  Such is the way of things.)

Aside from my age (mostly irrelevant), and the fact that I am currently a last-term film student at Wayne State University (outside Detroit), not many people know I actually did a try at stand-up comedy back in the day, when I was still in high school.  (Note: this is a LOT longer ago than many people can conceive of, especially since many of them weren’t conceived themselves…)  I’ve done radio in a few different places as an “air personality” (polite talk for the guy who spins records, talks on the air, and answers phone calls in the studio), worked as a security guard in many different states and many different sites, for different companies (some of which might still be in business), worked as a JCL Analyst on Ford Motor Company’s mainframe computers (mostly boring, except when a job “bombs out”, terminating before it’s supposed to), worked as a letter carrier for the Post Awful for eleven years, wrote, edited, and distributed a “fanzine” (a small-circulation magazine devoted to science fiction and science fiction fandom – samples are still available at ), and got an article published in an online microbudget filmmaking magazine (link to come).  I have also tried, from time to time, to draw a continuing comic strip about my fannish family, with mixed success.  (I might subject you to an example or two after I do major surgery on it.)

Mostly, I write.  I write because I don’t know how NOT to write.

And this is not necessarily a bad thing.


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