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He Just Don’t Get It…

In It Bugs Me, Just Because... on March 6, 2012 at 12:28 pm

I have resolutely and assiduously tried, over the years, to not comment on anything Rush Limbaugh says.

I think he is a pathologically self-absorbed moron studying to be an idiot, that he is terminally drunk on his own self-importance, and that he has the sapient mentation of yeast.  He is and has been, since I became aware of his existence, a source of noise and division in our political discourse, owing in part to his total misunderstanding of the process and his total misunderstanding of the terms “liberal” and “conservative”.

To Rush Limbaugh, apparently, anything to the political left of Genghis Khan is “liberal”, and anything “liberal” must be destroyed.  He appears to be of the opinion that government should be “of the rich, white, racist men, for the rich, white, racist men, and by the rich, white, racist men”.

So now, this pusillanimous bloviating blob of sub-prime protoplasm is attacking a thirty-year-old law student for espousing the opinion that the government shouldn’t regulate contraceptive medications, which some women do need to treat conditions unrelated to contraception, and that the government shouldn’t forbid medical insurance plans to pay for it.  This is part of the purported rallying cry of the “conservatives”, or “neocons”, or “tea party people”, or whatever else you care to call these mentally absent people – “getting government out of people’s lives”.  In actuality, it seems the only people whose lives they want the government to get out of are themselves – the rich, white, racist, sexist, hateful, hate-filled oligarchy who think that they own the country by way of having the most money, and are willing to crucify, crush, or discredit anyone who opposes their way.

Now, just in case you think I’m a bleeding heart liberal socialist with a head full of mush and no real conception of “how the world works”, a few words.

My family has served with distinction in World War I, World War II and Korea, where one of my uncles was killed in action shortly before the Treaty of Panmunjom in 1953.  I have called people out, including a postmaster I worked for lo, these many millennia ago, about not following Public Law 623 of 1932, commonly known as The Flag Act.  I learned how to properly fly, fold, and treat the flag back in sixth grade.  “Hero”, in my book, applies to people in the armed services and first responders – police, fire, ambulance, not to someone who shoots baskets, throws a ball, or wiggles their tush on television.

Yes, I have problems with many aspects of our culture.  I can’t change it – alone – but I can tell people what I think, in no uncertain terms.

What you do with that information is up to you.

What would I like to see happen?  I would like to see Rush Limbaugh off the air, the way it happened with Don Imus.  (What Imus said, calling a women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos”, was far less egregious than Limbaugh.)  I would like to see Limbaugh, with his boasting of his “talent on loan from God”, his documented prescription drug addictions, and his condescending attitude, which seems so typical of the “conservatives” (I use the term under advisement) in today’s society, taken down a peg or six, so he stops believing he is God’s gift to God.

I could go on.

I choose not to.

It just ticks me off too much.

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