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Politics as a Gas…

In It Bugs Me on January 23, 2012 at 12:55 pm

This past weekend, the Republicans had the third winner in as many primaries, with Newt Gingrich winning the South Carolina primary.

I would find the whole Republican free-for-all a hideous joke, were the consequences not so dire for the country at large.  Most of the candidates, even the ones who’ve had to bail up till now, have been trying to play “I’m-more-conservative-than-you”, to appeal to what is seen as the most influential group of Republican voters, the conservative, right-wing evangelicals.

Personally, I have nothing against these people; I just find their belief systems rooted somewhere in the Seventeenth Century, with anyone who is not white, affluent, Christian, and male being scorned as insignificant.  (Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are exceptions to this, being women who tout the same values, while being exceptions to them at the same time.  They are also, to me, slightly less intelligent than cultures of bacteria.)

This isn’t to say I trust the Democrats; I trust them slightly more than I trust the Republicans, but that still leaves lots of room.

Oh, well… we’ll see what we shall see.

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