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In It Bugs Me on January 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm

My wife’s older brother died last Thursday, the 12th.  She posted about it on her blog, and got a response from the husband of her niece slamming her for what he perceived as a diss to his father-in-law.

She has responded on her blog, so I will not do so here.  You can go read her reply on her blog.  I just have a few things to say about the rapid negative reply in general:

The only thing I can agree with in the reply that was made is this:  “YOUR perception is YOUR reality.”  When you think about it, that seems to be about the only logical way to look at it… I mean, the entire field of “consensus reality” is formed when we each share our perceptions, and what we all (or mostly all) agree about is acclaimed as “reality”.

The nephew by marriage is reacting to what his father in law was saying, which was HIS perception, and probably that of his mother in law as well, and he accepted that uncritically.  It seems, and (NOTE WELL:  THIS IS MY PERCEPTION SPEAKING ) he can’t accept the fact that his father in law might have been wrong about something.

I, on the other hand, don’t care much at all what they can or can not accept; I’m wrong all the time, and when I find out about it, I suck it up, fess up, and keep on truckin’.  It’s about the only thing I can do, in point of fact.

So the enmity they seem to bear means less than nothing; the veiled threat about revealing e-mails is empty, since we have copies of them too, and didn’t say anything we wouldn’t have said to their faces.  The situation with my wife’s mother’s decline was turbulent, to say the least… the author of a great many of those e-mails wasn’t even here when the fertilizer hit the ventilator.  The author of the post wasn’t even here when the abusive behavior was hurled at my wife, and none of her brothers spoke in her defense, even after the almost two years of constant care and attention she and I put in on her mother’s behalf.

That’s as may be.  I have no quibble about the lack of credit or the torrent of abuse slung at me; I’m a big boy, I can take it.

I do object to allegations flung at my wife; but that’s not up to me to handle.  Just a word of advice, however; be very careful what you say in future.

One may assume, barring any other brain-damaged behavior on anyone else’s part, the next post will be about something more pleasant.

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