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And We’re Off And Running…

In It Bugs Me on January 11, 2012 at 2:05 pm

The new term has started.  I had three of my four classes yesterday, with the remaining one today.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are shaping up to be very busy… along with most of the weekends between now and the end of the term, when I’ll have to be working on films for my “capstone” class.

All this… just so I can get the piece of paper that says I have aBachelor of Arts.

Let’s see if I can justify the time, effort, and headaches this has cost me against the putative result.

More later… if I have the time and the want-to (after the ridiculous hours I’ll be doing).

  1. Well Al,
    I guess you’ll just have to prepare for the worst (Joel, lol) and hope for the best. Seeing what this has cost you and Megan, in Blood, sweat, tears, and cash, I know it’s been a ruff hawl. I’m also really hoping that it pays off in the end. Maybe some of the contacts your making (with other students, etc..) will help when classes are over, if not before.
    Good Luck, looking forward to the party after May 3.
    Gail & Roy

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