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Back From A Hiatus…

In Film and Related on November 19, 2011 at 10:44 pm

…and not a hiatus hernia, either.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve picked up some DVD’s that we’ve watched… I’ll give you my opinions about them, and you can go from there.

Captain America – The First Avenger

Speaking as someone who’s familiar with the legends of the Captain from his origins back in 1941 (no, I wasn’t there… I just read back issues), I have to say that the adaptations of the original plotline are not something that I hated.  I think making Bucky Barnes a contemporary of Steve Rogers instead of a “kid mascot”, as he was in the original, didn’t work badly. We still didn’t like it when he was killed, though.

Making Johann Schmidt the leader of Hydra, instead of Baron Strucker, was perhaps a good thing… making him the first test of the Super-Soldier Serum was an interesting touch.  It put them on more of an equal footing.

The Cosmic Cube (for that is indeed what the glowing cube was) was an interesting addition.  Powering the Hydra ultimate weapons, it proved to be a formidable challenge.

Just a couple of questions… Since Howard Stark was established in the comics as Tony Stark’s father, how are they going to justify the relationship in the upcoming Avengers movie?

I miss Nick Fury leading the Howling Commandos back in World War II; Dum Dum Dugan did fine, I suppose.

Cars 2

This story was much more centered around Tow Mater, as you may have been led to suspect.  The bumbling, fumbling native of Radiator Springs used his own unique knowledge to bust up an international spy plot, and got a girlfriend at the same time.  It’s cute, but not cloyingly so.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

This one isn’t as dark as the previous installment, which, in some cases, is a blessing.  It is much more action-packed, with battles galore between the forces of Good and Evil.  As is the way of things, in battles, people die.  And I’m sure there is no spoiler here when I say that Voldemort dies as you would expect he does… badly.

Maybe my wife and I are purists, but there are a couple of niggling little things that go against what was established in the past… Snape’s memories that Harry sees in the Pensieve were removed by wand in the book, not in a vial of tears.  Same ending, but not consistent with the previous practice.  And having Neville Longbottom falling for Luna Lovegood wasn’t in the books, either, but I’m not exactly quibbling about that.  And Neville’s little comedy relief bit (“That went well…”) was excellent.

But, on with the show.

Sometime again…

  1. Gotta agree with you with all the films!

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