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Arguing Religiously

In Film and Related, It Bugs Me on October 7, 2011 at 11:04 am

Contrary to what the title may have you thinking, this is NOT about religion… unless you consider the division between Windows and Mac users a religious question.

I have been a dedicated user of Windows/PC machines and software since MS-DOS 1.1; when PC’s started subscribing to the WIMP paradigm (Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointers), I reluctantly went along.  I still stayed with the Wintel architecture, though.

Now, I have had to jump full-bore into the Intel/Mac/OS X world, since Wayne State University is a Mac shop by and large, and the only editing software they teach is Final Cut Pro 7.

I looked up the hardware requirements for FCP 7, and the minimum is a dual-core Intel processor Mac.  So I had to buy one, at a cost less than retail, but still substantial for a poor college student like me.

More later…

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