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Film History class upcoming – The Fabulous Fifties

In Think About It on August 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm

The first class I go to when I go back (day after tomorrow) is Topics in Film History.  The topic for this term is The Fifties.

This goes through the repercussions of the Paramount consent decree (severing the studio-owned theater chains from the studios), the House Un-American Activities Committee investigations of “Communist infiltration of the Motion Picture Industry”, which led to the blacklist, the “Hollywood Ten”, friendly and unfriendly witnesses, and the effect this all had on the industry, the coming of television and the decline of movie attendance, which resulted in what I like to call “Gimmick Time”, with stereophonic sound, wider aspect ratios (Cinerama, CinemaScope, VistaVision, Todd-AO, Techniscope, among others), the 3D craze (Bwana Devil, House of Wax, Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder, and others), and various other things.

This should be interesting… stay tuned!

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