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The DVD Dilemma, or Am I Blu?

In Film and Related, It Bugs Me on August 19, 2011 at 9:19 pm

The waters have cleared from the roiling caused between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.  Like the earlier battles between VHS and Betamax, or between 33RPM LP’s and 45RPM singles, peace has emerged… usually the peace of total exhaustion on both sides.

Blu-Ray has become the accepted “standard” (a term I use under advisement) in long-playing high-quality disc playback, with home mastering of Blu-Ray discs coming about slowly… about the same thing as DVD mastering at home.  People who want to make their own Blu-Ray discs can do so, if they are willing to fork over the requisite cash.

Since the requisite cash is something I don’t have, I am not part of the stampede to Blu.  I bought new copies of movies I wanted when they came out on DVD after acquiring copies on VHS.  That, in my opinion, was bad enough.  I do not intend to buy Blu-Ray until I can’t get what I want on DVD.  (That may be sooner than I think… we’ll see.)

I’ve always been one of those who takes it much slower; I have never had to be out there on “the bleeding edge” – you can get cut badly.  (As an example, it took me three years to upgrade from MS-DOS 3.3 to MS-DOS 6.1.)

I still have sentimental attachments to Super 8 and 16mm film.  Back in the day, the smell of cement in a hot splicer was like perfume, gently wafting on the breeze.  But I shoot digital, because that’s where the state of the art is.

So, until prices come to a point within my reach, I’ll run what I brung, which is DVD.

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