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Silly Season’s Back Once More…

In It Bugs Me on August 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm

I think it’s official…  The wack jobs are running the asylum.

The results of the Republican “straw poll” in Ames, Iowa  are in.  Michelle Bachman came in first, edging out Ron Paul.

A religious nutjob beating out a Libertarian nutjob.

Seems to me that the G.O.P. is moving further and further away from reality.  Religion is fine, in its place, but that place is NOT in our political system.

Most Jesus-freak types I know of have one thing in common with Shiite Muslims – they believe that the only law that should apply to mankind is “God’s Law”.  (They just disagree with which God is making the law.)

Remember the First Amendment fo the Constitution?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

Congress shall not endorse any one religion, or prohibit the exercise of one’s right to worship as they see fit.  Sharia law, as well as the theocracy that these “conservative Evangelical Christians”, is in direct opposition to this founding principle of our republic.

Are you willing to throw away your freedoms to elect one of these vacuum-skulled Republican types?  I am not, under any conceivable circumstances.

Now, this does NOT mean I will automatically vote Democratic.  The Democrats are often as muddleheaded as the Republicans are.  And most of the “third” parties are toothless, blue-sky, full of crap gatherings of people who wouldn’t know the mainstream if they were washed away by it.

I will probably end up voting for the person, not the party, and voting against something if there’s nothing to vote for.

As a relaxed agnostic and a dedicated “declines to affiliate” (the party I registered for when I first was eligible to vote, in Baltimore, lo, these many millennia ago, I feel constrained to do no less.

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