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Shall We Speak Of Bookstores Past?

In It Bugs Me on July 29, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Borders Books, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in the midst of its final sell-off before it closes for good.  This news is sad, but not unexpected… the chain has been in trouble for a few years, but the death knell was sounded when a buyer couldn’t come to terms for purchasing some of the stores.

This chain, along with its surviving competitor, Barnes and Noble, was one of the places where I could be reasonably sure of finding my screenwriting and independent filmmaking magazines, or finding my wife’s dollmaking or jewelry magazines.

The thing is, the confines of a bookstore – be it a big-box Borders or B&N or a small independent store (a breed rapidly heading to extinction) – has always been a friendly, insular place, shielded from the problems of the outside world.  The fewer places like that there are, the sadder I become… hiding places are a resource I don’t want to relinquish.

The smell of newly unpacked books, the feel of shiny cover stock, the sound absorption of rack upon rack of books arranged by category, by author… it’s a natural tranquilizer.

*snif* Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

When the final closure is done, I shall mourn.  But all my tears will by then be dry, for I will have cried myself out.

Ave atque vale, Borders.  I knew them, Horatio…

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