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Summer Hiatus – Why It Doesn’t Exist

In Film and Related on May 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Well, seeing that tomorrow is the first of June, and “summer” (such as it is, here in the midwest) has arrived, many among you will be enjoying your two and a half to three months off from school, or your two to three weeks vacation during these middle months of the year.

Not me, though.  I have far too much to do… clean and empty the house, try to get my financing together for fall semester at university, get my vehicle ready to make the treks to campus when Fall starts, possibly get a summer class going in July, and maintaining my composure despite everything Life tries to throw at me.  (And, don’t be fooled… Life throws beanballs.)

Still and all, it’s not a bad thing, this frenetic preparation… it keeps you from obsessing over your own problems.

“Write and shoot” is my new mantra for Fall… it’s what I will need to be doing.

You will be hearing more about this.

Al B.

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