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In Think About It on May 26, 2011 at 5:38 pm

A scholarship contest I applied to recently asked a series of four questions on their online application.  This in itself is not unusual, but the questions themselves were not the typical sort you would see on a “traditional ” application form.

As an example:

Q:  If you could write a “care tag” for yourself, like those that are on your clothes, what would it say?

And this is what I wrote:

For Best Results:

1. Refill with coffee frequently.

2. Handle with care – danger of explosion during exam periods.

3. Caution: Working parts may fail without notice.

4. Make sure broadband Internet connection is enabled.

5. When cleaning, use warm (not hot) water and non-corrosive detergents.

6. Sugar in excessive amounts can void warranty.

7. Allow sufficient downtime to maintain efficiency; 24/7 operation is not recommended.

8. Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from intake ports; this may result in damage to unit and/or serious injury.

9. Use responsibly, but do not overuse.

This list is subject to further revision in the future.  You’ll know when that happens.

Al B.

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