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Politics – What I Don’t Like About It

In It Bugs Me on May 11, 2011 at 10:05 pm

I am what is known as a “non-traditional” student.  Because of my age and experiences, I have a different viewpoint from most of the other students I attend university with.  My qualifications for a President may be different than others; I think that someone who wants to be President should be able to consider all the alternatives and foreseen consequences of actions that our government takes, and should be someone who is able to negotiate and compromise except when it comes to matters of principle.  After all, there are certain lines where one must stand firm; “this far, but no farther.”

I am not pleased at the stridency that the “religious right” (in my opinion, they are neither) and the “Tea Party” are injecting into our political debates.  Can’t we disagree without being disagreeable?  There is NO absolute right or absolute wrong… life is not binary, but is an almost infinite shading of grays between the extremes.

Abortion rights are not ours to allow or deny; the proper decision belongs to the woman involved, with or without the advice of her medical professional and/or spouse.  The government “entitlement” programs have become, instead of the supplements to income they were designed to be, the entire income for far too many people,  The United States Tax Code is far too long, far too complicated, and filled with far too many contradictory and confusing exemptions, exceptions, and benefits.  Starting over from a blank page sounds to me like the best idea.

I have been disappointed in recent decisions of the Supreme Court, and disagree with their interpretation of the Second Amendment.  This being said, I am still convinced that our system, under the Constitution, is the best system of government designed to date.

I suppose that I could be classified, if someone decided to do so, as a disaffected moderate independent.  The last Democratic President I fully trusted was Harry Truman.  The last Republican President I fully trusted was Roosevelt… as in Theodore.  I think most conservatives go too far to be conscionable, and most liberals go too far to be believable.

What’s wrong with the middle of the road?  You can see what’s coming from there, and move where you have to move in order to meet the challenge.

The foregoing was submitted in an essay competition for a scholarship. Lord knows, I can use the money.

  1. Thank you for a great post.

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