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Plus ca change…

In film on April 3, 2011 at 11:09 am

Well, we’ve had a new governor in Michigan for four months, and he’s already pissed off many of the people who didn’t vote for him, as well as some of those who did.

The most vocal of those unsatisfied customers are those who would benefit from the film incentives. Governor Snyder (Snidely?) says that, in order to balance Michigan’s budget, he intends to ask for a rescission of the current system of tax credits, and replace it with a grant system capped at $25 million. (I’m not sure if that’s per film or total per year.)

Either way, that’s basically a death knell for Hollywood film studio involvement in the state. The business is notorious that way; they’ll go where they can get the best deal, and go quickly. Anybody who tells you different is either misinformed or deliberately lying to you.

Governor Snyder, in my opinion you’re following the lead of your Republican predecessor, “Pothole Johnny” Engler. Will there even be a State of Michigan when you’re done?

I don’t know… but one thing’s for sure; you can’t move Michigan offshore to get a better labor deal.

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